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Who would have thought Playa del Carmen saved my life?

Who would’ve ever thought that moving to the Caribbean would have such an impact on your health and well-being? Actually, who would think differently? beach is good for heart patientsResearch shows that the sound of waves alters wave patterns in the brain lulling you into a deeply relaxed state. Relaxing in this way can help rejuvenate the mind and body. Also, floating in water means blood is diverted around from our lower limbs and pumped towards our abdominal region – the part of the body near the heart – because we are no longer standing upright. Fresh blood being pumped around the body brings more oxygen to our brain which makes us more alert and active. Now don’t get me wrong I had heard these and many more beach living benefits but I was so absorbed by my life in Calgary, living my crazy routine, modern life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands. For many people, stress is so commonplace that it has become a way of life. Stress isn’t always bad, but when you’re constantly running in emergency mode for years and years, your mind and body pay the price.

It was a Wednesday afternoon in Dr.Gentry’s office when I got the bad news, my doctor said; you either retire or prepare to die in months. Yes, Months!! I was deeply disturbed by this news but my blood pressure was terrible and he said in no time I would have a heart attack if I kept going. I stopped and thought about what I was doing in my day to day life, I after all had a successful career as an attorney for 30 years, the time to retire had come, my kids were all grown and I was still working crazy hours. The doctor told me that the best thing I could do at this point was plan my funeral or find a place to live near the beach, as it is proven that the beach guarantees better quality of life for heart patients and people that have been diagnosed with stress. My wife and I had spoken to some friends that bought a property in Akumal, a beautiful place as we could tell from the pictures, so we took a plane and went down to see for ourselves what the Riviera Maya had to offer. We were amazed by how beautiful Akumal was, but very quiet, not many stores or restaurants in the area, so we headed for Playa del Carmen. There we felt very welcomed by the whole environment, the food, the flavors we found, the people and so much diversity. We found people that just like us decided to move to a place like this for health reasons, retirement, or just because they decided to start living life. It was an eye opening experience, to say the least we have now been living here for five years, our grandkids love to visit, our friends, everyone! My blood pressure is normal; my headaches are gone and my stress levels have vanished. Not all people are lucky enough to live in a beach house. But those that do choose to live on ocean front property like myself are more likely living a calmer, less stressful life with all the health benefits the sun and sea provide. We were lucky enough to get the best orientation from our friends at playabuilder to actually build and design the house of our dreams in this beautiful paradise that we discovered. I can say with full honesty that my life has improved a 1000% as well as the relationship with my family and friends.



Canada2 Playa

Within American Development Co I've created an easy to use website to help all my fellow Canadians purchase property so they too can live in 'Paradise' like the rest of us here! In Canada2Playa website we hope it'll answer all the questions you may have and if not feel free to contact me any time. Please call or email me for more information. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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