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Canadians in Playa del Carmen

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What time of year is best to go to Playa del Carmen?

Best time to go to Playa del CarmenOk…  if you’re from Canada let’s face it – anytime of year is good to go to Playa del Carmen!  After having two of the coldest winters on record, Canadians having been coming to Playa del Carmen en masse, with many choosing to buy a second home or a vacation home in which to spend the winter months.

In all seriousness, although summers can be beautiful in Canada, the winters in many areas of the country are absolutely brutal.  That works out really well because those also happen to be the months with the most amazing weather in Playa.  Check out the video below and I’ll dive into great detail about the different seasons in Playa and what you can expect when traveling or living in the Riviera Maya…


Weather in Playa del Carmen

Many people worry about hurricane season or the weather being too hot, those worries are largely unfounded.  Although the possibility of a hurricane is real in certain months, there is always advanced warning and truthfully, we haven’t had a hurricane since 2005 so it is possible but very unlikely.

The summers can be hot and what surprised me when I moved here wasn’t the heat but the humidity – that is what took me some getting used to.  But if you are in Playa del Carmen on vacation, you should be spending a majority of your time in the ocean or by the pool so heat and humidity are rarely going to be a concern.  It hardly ever exceeds 30 degrees and that is much more tolerable than -40 degrees.  🙂

The bottom line is that I live here year round and Playa del Carmen has some of the most amazing weather on earth.  320 days of sunshine each year and did I mention the cool blue waters of the Caribbean are just steps away?


Steve Didier

Steve Didier

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