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Flamingos, San Miguel (New Construction)

11409.69 Sq. Ft Bedrooms Bathrooms Garage

This small island with a population of 79,535 in 2010 is located near Mexico’s famous Mayan Riviera and tiny at only 53 km long 15 km wide. With only three per cent of the island developed, much of its interior is covered by marshes, lagoons, scrub, and dense jungle.

This Mexican Caribbean jewel is renowned as one of the best dive destinations in the world. It offers stunning, towering coral formations, warm and clear turquoise-blue waters, and an amazing variety of tropical marine life. Cozumel’s friendly locals with a rich cultural heritage, fantastic weather, delicious food, and miles of sandy beach, make Cozumel a divers’ paradise.

This is an AMAZING DEAL for a beachfront lot.

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