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Living Playa del Carmen

 For those of us who have the good fortune to live here in the Riviera Maya, it doesn’t get much better than this.  Situated on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, we have access to some of the most breathtaking beaches anywhere, with world class diving, sailing, fishing, golfing and don’t even get us started on the nightlife culture and lifestyle! 

Imagine the most spectacular sunrises you can.  For us it truly was love at first sight.  We think you will agree….Yet while the clear turquoise blue water is the star o the Riviera Maya, the spotless white powder sand that will never burn your feet is a extremely strong supporting cast member. It is the textbook definition of “Paradise”.

Don’t allow the stars of the program steal the entire spotlight. Present are countless other reasons why so many Canadians are relocating or calling the Riviera Maya their home away from home. This is what motivates us to live here, there’s hands down no better place!

Situated on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula precisely between Cancun and Tulum is Playa del Carmen, or “Playa” as the locals refer to it. Playa has something for everyone. A diverse, seductive town that mixes the Mexican flair with a Caribbean mood inspired from cultures from every part of around the globe. 

 The cultural experiences are copious but what truly makes this city consequently only one of its kind are its people. Anywhere you set out the locals (who can be from North America, Europe, and Latin America or yet even Asia ironically) are extremely welcoming and friendly. You continually get the sensation you are part of the community. 

We hate to break this to you but,……….the cost of living is 40% lower than anywhere in Canada, plus incredible year-round weather, great food, plentiful golf courses, a budding art community, world-class medical facilities, and an International Airport offering daily flights to the U.S. and Canada (more than any other airport in Mexico), Riviera Maya is one of the most livable areas anywhere for Canadians and Americans. We’re just saying, so why don’t you be the judge for yourself? 

Offering here all the ex-pats a resource center, where we’ll constantly be updating helpful information, helping you to make the moving process as simple as possible, while giving you the proper tools to make this an informative decision. 

Every day we will promise to give you helpful advice on moving abroad and we know you will not regret it. 

 Over the past 3 years, property values in Playa Del Carmen have been growing. The Playa del Carmen property market has become filled with primary property such as condos and villas. Even though we have seen some phenomonical growth, demand still outstrips supply here. There are people moving here from all over the world. For the informed consumer, property is still a great investment in the Riviera Maya.

Are a few facts which indicate the value of getting Mexico land in Playa del Carmen. For 7 of the last 10 years, Playa del Carmen has been the fastest growing city in Latin America. There are new subdivisions, new stores, new shopping centers and growing demand for new houses. Investors have the opportunity to take benefit of this growth, creating homes, commercial development or a commercial-condo combination, with a growing marketplace to support this addition, the Economy is Diversifying. While tourism is powerful and growing, the Municipal government has also begun to focus on attracting diversity in large-scale investment, such as higher education institutions. This means that the growth seen now will continue to be healthy, and with the sort of investment sought, Playa del Carmen’s way of life atmosphere will remain relaxed, with a boost in pleasant neighborhoods.

For investors, it is critical to know that the growth is becoming planned, investment will be increasing, and that the City’s atmosphere is given high priority.

has retained a healthy appreciation rate. If you are contemplating getting in Playa del Carmen, consider the possibility of land investment. Other exceptional possibilities such as condos and villas have also been exceptional investments, but land presents a special case which could potentially be one of the most profitable.

of the market place, however, expertise from experts knowledgeable of the market history, present trends, land costs, development trends and future development plans is specifically essential. Be sure to speak with an experienced and qualified Playa del Carmen actual real estate agent who has been in Playa for a over a few years. That is Canada2Playa with over 10 years of experience in Playa proves valuable. We can support and guide you through your search. 

Riviera Maya offers numerous parks plus a few close by get-away choices for weekends, among the beach or spas and natural springs. There are as well many quality sports clubs and fitness centers in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Costs differ however are normally on the higher side. Talk a physician before undertaking a fitness routine.


  • While Mexico has extremely useful physicians and doctors they charge significantly less than US or European doctors. An appointment can cost as little as $30 to $50 USD. Clinics operate under exceptional conditions in all major towns, and particularly in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Still ultimately the well-being and safety of your family relies on good medical and health insurance.

Health and Medical Care

  • When it comes to health care and medical in Mexico, lots of expatriates have their fears and their doubts. Coming from international locations with some of the finest hospitals and health care in the world, mostly unfamiliar expatriates with what to expect in Mexico. The reality of the subject is that there is no need to press the panic button. In truth Mexico has a number of incredibly well operated hospitals with excellent care, and additionally at significantly lower cost. Take a peek in our insurance segment for additional information.

National Coverage

  • The first and mainly most basic option for foreigners residing in Mexico that hold a FM2 otherwise  FM3 visa is the IMSS national health insurance program that provides services including a trip to the doctors clinic, hospital expenses (covering minor sickness and injuries) as well intensive care facilities.

The protection merely costs US$225 per annum. It requires up to 6 to 9 months for the coverage to acquire. Nonetheless you do not have a selection of physicians, as the IMSS program has its own physicians.


  • Although one might discover more or less all types of medicine in Mexico, the identical medicine is moderately less expensive in Mexico than in the U.S or Europe, and frequently a prescription is not necessary. Although since many pharmacies do not have skilled pharmacists on staff, it is imperative that a medical professional is consulted for a prescription and that any prescription is been translated into English to steer clear of problems.


  • In terms of hospitals, the Riviera Maya has been one of the most important expansions of locations in Mexico, with an extraordinary evolution. Capable of all types of services with the maximum quality equipment, not only for tourism but for many foreigners and nationals who’ve found a home town in this paradise. Hospiten Riviera Maya is located on the Federal Highway next to the second entrance to Playacar in Playa del Carmen. This is the second division the private health care group Hospiten has in Mexico, the 1st is located in Cancun. Together with more than thirty seven year’s experience and caring for more than 500,000 citizens from every part of the world yearly, the Hospiten Group continues its commitment to providing high quality health care to the tourists, and residents of Quintana Roo.

Because health care expenses are rising by staggering amounts in the United States, a growing number of citizens are looking internationally to discover quality medical services for more sensible costs. Due to potential cost savings of up to 60 to 70% on medical treatments performed abroad, Americans have begun to merge dental work, cosmetic procedures, or specialized surgeries with holiday time plus in a number of cases with enough of cash left over to bring the entire family.

 México has been an accepted getaway for those seeking respite from astronomical US health costs and prescription medical expenses since the 1960’s, considering over the last decade medical tourism has a multi-billion dollar international industry. In recent years Mexico has realized the capability in the market they pose to US citizens looking for medical services abroad. The combination of Mexico’s rich civilization, mild climate, idyllic beaches along its highly regarded hospitals also medical professionals, as well its proximity to the US, has appealing to numerous Americans in search of medical services.

The advantages of medical tourism are extremely eye-catching. Price alone has sufficient motivating aspect for most. In accordance to the National Coalition on Health Care more than 12 trillion dollars has been spent by US people for the previous 7 years on just health care, however in contrast with additional states anywhere services are a great deal less expensive the NCHC reports that Americans are no further satisfied nor think they receive superior service.

Quality has been the foremost concern while getting medical attention abroad. Various hospitals in Mexico boast global accreditations and furthermore it has been customary that medical professionals and specialists study otherwise practice for years within the Europe or US. Also, insurance agencies are starting to consider medical tourism as well, lured with the appraised value of attention provided overseas, and some organizations have begun identifying explicit international hospitals and clinics as permitted and approved providers.



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