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Canadians in Playa del Carmen

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Live off the grid!! Eco friendly community near Playa del Carmen…


Pueblo Sacbe eco villageLeaving the hustle and bustle of the modern day grind behind…  letting go off stress…  living at one with nature in a tropical climate…  all in a community that is set apart specifically for people looking to get away from it all and connect with nature.

All of this but still within a very easy 20 minute commute from Playa del Carmen, the Riviera Maya’s most chic and cosmopolitan city…  So you have the peace and tranquility that the ancient Mayans enjoyed in this area, complete with cenotes and a remote jungle setting among others who share your values – but with all the conveniences of the modern world a very short trip away.


Ecological living – green living – off the grid 


Sustainable living in a convenient and safe environment

Pueblo Sacbe is a one of a kind, sustainable living community that has attracted people from all over the world who are seeking a simpler way of life.  A better way that is still convenient to modern amenities and medical facilities.  One that is only a very short plane ride to anywhere in the United States or Canada.

These simple things have made the Pueblo Sacbe development incredibly successful, while maintaining it’s unique oneness with the natural surroundings.  The people who choose to live in Pueblo Sacbe all have many things in common and the community is just that – a community.  There are many facilities such as a temple for various ceremonies, an outside amphitheater and several public cenotes where you can swim in the magical, healing waters that have been revered by the Mayan culture for centuries.

There are too many things to list – the main thing to take from this is the idea that there is a better way.  Something different than what modern life has become…  something more true to our roots and true to our nature as human beings.  Something true to the Earth itself.


Steve Didier

Steve Didier

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