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Why you need Representation?

In a word, protection.

Real Estate in Mexico is not like Canada.  The easiest way to level the playing field is to hire experts who know how transactions in Mexico affect both you as a Canadian, and your legal standing in Canada.  Did you know that you may be required to pay taxes on income in Mexico in Canada, or you may not, it all depends on how the deal is structured.  That is where Canada 2 Playa comes in.

Transactions in Mexico are not as transparent as they are in Canada.  This goes for both the specific transaction and the ways things are done in general.  No matter how experienced the investor in Canada, without a full understanding of things in Mexico costly mistakes can, and often do, happen.  There are many pitfalls that we have seen over the years here that sometimes do not show up until many years later when the property is being sold.  Imagine purchasing a property today, seeing it appreciate year after year, then selling it for a huge profit only to have to pay the entire gain in taxes or penalties because the setting up of the deal was done incorrectly.  This level of risk is simply unacceptable.  As they say in Mexico, the cheap way today will cost you dearly tomorrow.

Investors who have made incredible gains over the last few years in this market know that hiring experts is the best way to assure that security of their investment.

With the explosion of the Real Estate market in the Riviera Maya over the last few years agents have been in the enviable position of having more demand than the market can supply.  This has fostered an environment of closing deals with no long term outlook.  There was no need.  Close a deal today and a new client would walk in tomorrow.  All of the parties involved in the process from the Agent (s), to the Attorney (s) to the Notary in Mexico simply aim to close the transaction and charge their fee.  To some extent this could be said of the banks as well.  We differ in one very important aspect, we view the process differently.   By understanding that Canadians are our clients today and will be our clients tomorrow we know that the most important thing we have is our reputation.  Yes it is a lot more work to do things correctly, but we have the responsibility to make sure that our client is protected at every turn.  Our clients are protected, their assets are more valuable, and they have an exit strategy if they ever want to sell in the future.  We think that this is the reason that 80% of our clients come from repeat and referrals.

A Broker’s job does not end at closing.  After the sale and the closing is when the most important part of the transaction actually happens, making sure that the property is legally registered and recorded in the name of the new buyer.  There is a system in place in Mexico to make sure that it happens, but that system is by no means full proof.  After hundreds of transactions we can say that there has never been a transaction that was not fully recorded on our watch. 

There are many reasons why you need representation in the buying process. 

Here are the top 8.


1. You Get The Best Deal:

Unlike Canada, “Comps” are not publically available.  There is no MLS system either, so how does a buyer know they are getting a good deal?  Hiring a true market expert is how!

Because we have a group of companies that include a construction and property rental company, we are able to cross-reference data among all three, along with our own Real Estate network we are able to inspect a property to see if it is well built, and give a realistic idea for the rental income of the property.  All of this data goes into the assessment of the valuation done before closing and it is how a true professional is differentiated from the rest of the market.

Because of our local knowledge, market awareness and access to information, we can match your needs and wants, to what is really out there in the market.  Then we negotiate the best price, on the best property based on real information.

2. We Represent You:

Not the seller, not the notary, not the Government, not the bank.  YOU!  We negotiate on your behalf.  We work on getting you the best deal.  You are our concern in the transaction and every action w e take has that in mind. 

3. Due Diligence:

  After so many transactions, we are very familiar with the detailed process of how to examine properties.  Unscrupulous Realtors advertise properties that do not exist because they are in the bait and switch business.  The internet allows people to open Real Estate companies with nothing more than a website and a phone line and no legal standing.  Just because something exists online, does not mean it’s true.  True work is still done on the ground.  Protecting our clients is our full time job and we take it seriously.  Don’t pay for somebody’s learning curve at your expense, contract somebody who knows. 

4. Proof of Legality:

 Just because you see a property online or even in person, does not mean it has a clear, transferable title.  As a Canadian in Mexico you should know that there are 3 different types of “title” only one of which you as a Canadian can legally acquire.   Knowing the legalities behind each type of property, and how that relates to you, is vital to understanding the best way to acquire it. 

5. NAFTA Experts:

  NAFTA gives Canadians rights in Mexico.  No other Latin American Country is a member of NAFTA, and no other Latin American economy is tied to Canada as tightly as Mexico is.  Understanding this agreement, and how as a Canadian it benefits you, is so important, but so overlooked that most companies do not even mention it.  The Mexican Government has made it very easy for Canadians to invest.  Once an investor knows the rules, the investment is completely secure.  That is why Scotiabank is now the largest bank in all of Mexico and Latin America. 

6. Tax implications / Exit strategy:

 All successful projects start with a clear exit strategy.  Taxes and fiscal planning is vital to knowing how to make money in the future.  We turn your lifestyle choice into an investment. 


We speak your language. We not only can talk to you in your native tongue, but we can translate the terms and conditions of the contracts and transactions into language you are familiar with.


Our track record speaks for itself.  Google us.  Check with the Embassy.  There has never been one bad critique of our company in any transaction because we do exactly what we say we are going to do.