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Carslon Gracie Jiu Jitsu – Mark Stables Mixed Martial Arts in Playa del Carmen

Straight from Canada!

Mark Stables Mixed Martial Arts Playa del CarmenPlaya del Carmen is growing and many people who move here are looking for a quality place to learn and train jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts (MMA).  Even those just visiting like to find a place so they don’t get too out of shape on vacation…

Fortunately, Playa del Carmen is lucky to have a globally known and respected jiu jitsu black belt named Mark Stables, who relocated from Toronto, Canada several years ago.  Mark is a 2nd degree black belt of Carlson Gracie lineage and is an absolutely exceptional teacher and coach.  I’ve trained with some of the best jiu jitsu guys in Las Vegas before coming to Playa and Mark is top notch.  He has coached several fighters in the UFC and trained some of the best in the game today.

His devotion to his students and to his craft are evident when you attend a class.  His easy way with students from all backgrounds and his effortless way of imparting over 2 decades of knowledge to those of all skill levels shows a very high level of professionalism and dedication.


All level of jiu jitsu

The classes are for those of all levels – from the person just stepping on the mat for the first time to the seasoned veteran brown or black belt.  The guys and girls who train here are all very welcoming and make great training partners, always eager to help and work with new people.  I’ve made some great friends here and the classes are fun, engaging and challenging…

There are gi classes as well as no-gi classes.  Mark has also recently added several Mixed Martial Arts classes to the schedule in addition to the ju jitsu and the attendance has been overwhelming so there will most likely be several more added in a very short period time.

If you are looking to get into shape, learn self defense, compete in ju jitsu tournaments or even step into the cage and fight MMA someday, this is a great place to learn – no matter your skill level.

So if you are here, either permanently or just on vacation, make sure to stop in and say hi.

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Steve Didier

Steve Didier

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