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Caribbean Living Condos From $ 80,000 USD

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Mexico welcomed a record number of Canadian tourists during 2013, with the number of visitors totaling 1,599,409. Mexico is the number 2 tourist destination most visited by Canadians

DSC_7566Yes! Property starting at $80,000 USDat first we couldn’t believe it, we thought “What’s the catch?”…must be timeshare or something. Meanwhile in Canada houses are averaging at $419,699.00 CADaccording to a CBC news Business report published in November 2014 and don’t let us mislead you, that number is pretty much the amount you would have to pay for something in town, near the beach right here in Playa del Carmen, but this is what makes this deal so special and that’s why units are flying! The prices are unbelievable!

Not timeshare, nor fractional ownership. These are fully-titled properties you own. An opportunity absolutely worth looking into.Take note fellow Canadians, it is now possible to own property in Playa starting at $80,000.00 USD, that is for a two bedroom condo, you can get a spacious townhome for only $130,000.00 USD *All in pricing

The story behind these low prices is that the development is located in the new suburbs of Playa, this is the place to live now!Perfect for people that are looking for a great place, in a gated community, quiet neighborhood, with a pool, a nice playground, it’s the perfect place to own a homeespecially for us Canadians used to living in the suburbs! It feels like home! Plus it’s near the biggest mall in town and only a 5 minute drive away from the beach and downtown area!



Buying condos for sale Playa Del Carmen from Canada2Playa means that you can begin…


Your Caribbean Lifestyle

Life in Playa is good. You can spend your days just living! There are hundreds of things you can do here, that range from spending $0 pesos to the most extravagant activities you can imagine! It’s just so diverse and cultural, by the way condo fees are only about $50 USD a month!

Investment portfolio

Playa del Carmen has a very steady economy, it’s one of the first tourist destinations not only in Mexico but in the World! So anything you purchase here will turn into gold! A lot of our clients not only buy one of these hot deals! They buy two! That way they can increase their rental income!

About purchasing property in Playa

We have something for every budget and taste, if you are looking to buy a beachfront condo for half a million we have several options for you, but if you want to own a little getaway spot and not spend your entire retirement money or savings, you have to take this opportunity!

Even more important than the price point alone—all the developments we sell are built to American and Canadian standards of construction, and have varying floor plans to suit your taste.

All In pricing

The listed prices for properties in Caribbean Living include the following:


Models- Condos and homes for sale in the new Playa Suburbs!

Baja 1- 80,000.00 USD



  • 1 Level – 2 Bedrooms – 1 Bathroom
  • Living Room – Kitchen – Dining Room
  • Laundry Area – 1 Parking Space Ground Floor with Garden Area


Baja 2- $95,000.00 USD 




  • 1 Level – 2 Bedrooms – 1 Bathroom
  •    Living Room – Kitchen – Dining Room
  •    Laundry Area – 1 Parking Space
  •    Ground Floor with Garden Area

Paradise townhome $130,000.00

  • 2 Levels  – 2 Bedrooms – 2.5 Bathrooms
  • Living Room – Kitchen – Dining Room
  • Laundry Area – 1 Parking Space