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Can I drink the water in Mexico?

Drinking water in MexicoNo.

Lol….    the short answer is no.  However, depending on where you are at, it really isn’t the big deal that everybody makes it out to be.  What do I mean by that, exactly?


What’s up with the water in Playa del Carmen?

Watch the video below for details on why the water isn’t quite as crazy dangerous as you may have been led to believe…

So there you have it.  The water in the Riviera Maya is not the poisonous, bacteria ridden nightmare potion that will have you in the deathly clutches of Montezuma’s Revenge with the exposure to a single drop.

It is high in minerals since the entire Yucatan Peninsula is made out of limestone, so drinking on a continuous basis will probably cause some issues but that’s not something you should be doing anyway.  Bottled water is readily available and the ice at every restaurant and hotel is purified or purchased  from an ice vendor.

I brush my teeth several times a day using tap water and rinse my mouth out with the same – having done this for two years, I can say with a degree of certainty that you don’t have to worry much.

Dogs drinking water in MexicoAs far as animals are concerned…   people’s opinions on this subject are pretty much split.  What I can tell you is that dogs down here drink the water every day, day in and day out without an issue.  But, just to be on the safe side, I give my boy bottled water for the most part.  It’s easy and very cheap so I figure I may as well provide the best possible nutrition for the 4 legged member of my family as well.

So…….   don’t run around chugging glasses of tap water down here south of the border.  Heck, you wouldn’t drink the tap water in Vancouver, Toronto or any other major city in Canada anyway so don’t do it here!  That being said, don’t worry and stress out about about ingesting a little bit either.  It will all be good.  🙂


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