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Canadians in Playa del Carmen

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Beach Life and big city amenities all in Playa del Carmen

This is one of the many stories we often hear from our clients! This story was told to me by my client Tom Berry, he just bought a condo in Playacar Phase 2, but he is no stranger to Playa del Carmen, the first time he came here it was 15 years ago… and he says that Playa has grown so much but with the growth came progress and many improvements!

When I first came to Playa del Carmen a few years back, it was a completely different place, it was an awesome place, with not many options of places to eat, shop or places to stay, it was my little getaway paradise, a place where I came on vacation twice a year for a long time, but not a place where I could consider living at the time, there were not many hospitals or supermarkets, 15 years went by since I was last in Playa,  I stopped coming to Playa del Carmen because my life got busier, my business grew, kids were off to college and I hardly had time to take holidays, last year I finally came back to Playa del Carmen and it was completely different! I couldn’t believe how much the city grew in such few years! it went from being a fishing village to a city with high end stores, fine dining and believe it or not it kept it’s charm, I could still feel the energy from years ago, after being in Canada for a while, my wife and I decided get everything in order and come back and spend 6 months living in Playa, life is not as busy as it used to be and winters in Canada are unbearable because of the cold weather,  being in Playa del Carmen for more than the normal 5 days vacation trip was an amazing discovery and the best choice we could have made, we were able to explore many restaurants, both local and from 5th avenue, which is the most tourist visited area in town, there are so many shops now, we had all the comforts of home, everyone in town or for the most part speaks English, there are many places to meet expats from all over the world, internet service is great, there is an English speaking hospital with great health care, we have chosen Playa as our retirement place! We are now in the process of purchasing a property in Playacar Phase 2, we love it here! Playa is the place where you can have a beach life and enjoy big city amenities at the same time!

Tom Berry


Brenda Alvarez

Brenda Alvarez

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